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Dongnan Furniture was established in Year 1999. The products of Dongnan are a combination of imported and china made components to ensure we remain at the forefront of technology at a competitive price.
Dongnan was specializing in producing outdoor furniture like picnic tables & chairs, garden tables & chairs, kids tables & chairs, and etc. All the products 100% manufactured in Dongnan, from market research, idea generation, design refinement, tooling stages till the production of the final products. More than 90% sales are from oversea market, such as Japan, Europe, USA, Middle East, South Africa, South America, India, and so on.

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Established in 1999, Dongnan Furniture is the pioneer of manufacturing outdoor furniture in China.

We are producing folding table and chairs, picnic table and chairs, camping table and chairs, kids table and chairs, base, storage box and so on, which are using plastic, aluminum and wooden to make.

Our three main technologies are injection, blow molding and air injection. The total machine is around 70pcs. We made everything by ourselves, from mold opening to final mass production. Besides, we have internal QC lab, and we do the tests according to SGS standards.

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