Aluminum alloy painting office furniture cleaning and maintenance methods
- Apr 07, 2018 -

1, spray painting Office furniture maintenance is directly related to the service life of office furniture, office furniture paint film is like human skin, the surface distribution of the capillary, if you do not carry out regular maintenance, the film will soon aging, loss of light, embrittlement.

2. It is forbidden to use rigid foreign objects to scratch the surface of the paint film. It is forbidden to touch the surface of the paint film with high temperature articles such as cigarette butts and boiling water.

3, corrosive chemicals, such as "acid, alkali", etc., is strictly prohibited contact with the surface.

4, office furniture is strictly prohibited exposure, exposure to shower, touch the ground to avoid flooding, otherwise, the film will speed up the aging, structural deformation.

7. Paint office furniture should be wiped once a day with a wet towel so that the paint film maintains sufficient moisture to avoid severe dehydration and aging of the paint film.

8, office furniture, according to changes in air humidity, wipe office furniture paint oil, spring and summer wipe once a week, autumn and winter at least twice a week to avoid dull paint film, causing office furniture color aging, must be wiped Carefully wipe in place, wipe several times more, so that the paint film fully absorbed.