When summer arrives, go camping!
- May 15, 2018 -

Outdoor camping can meet us Longing for the stars Love for nature And the pursuit of freedom So we all like to go camping often But every time you go out camping outdoors Remember to choose a good and safe camping area

1 Camping without food and water is incomplete. Regardless of your camping trip there is no risk. For example, hiking and kayaking, or just relaxing in a camper and watching DVDs, all require food. The rule of thumb is to take only the food that is expected to be required for each meal.For example, if your team is small, bring two cups of instant cereal instead of a whole pot of oatmeal. Use sealed plastic bags to mix foods. If you camp next to a camper or car, you can use a cooler to store perishable foods such as meat so that it does not deteriorate.

2 Ensuring clean water is one of the most basic elements of camping. Unless you can get clean drinking water yourself, or you know that there is a safe drinking water somewhere, it's best to carry bottled drinking water with you.

3 Because you are camping in an open place, you must keep this camping skill in mind: This will help protect and preserve the natural environment so that we and the future generations can share the beauty of nature. Without leaving any traces, it means that you should clean up the camp before leaving, so that the ecological environment will not be disturbed. Clean thoroughly after meals and keep food away from the ground.

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