Children's Furniture Safety and Quality Education
- Mar 24, 2018 -

When parents purchase children's furniture, they only consider that their children can grow up in a safe and environmentally friendly environment. It is estimated that children's furniture safety is not expected to cultivate quality education for children. What is the relationship between the two?

1. Puzzle furniture develops children's personality and improves children's aesthetic ability

Baby's furniture bogey choose heavy colors, depressing colors, but should be easy, lively, natural, simple, and then configure some of the game features and childlike furniture, in such a healthy growth environment, beneficial to the baby to form an optimistic Upward, lively and cheerful personality and modern aesthetic appeal.


2. Storage function to cultivate baby good habits

If every item we give to the baby is prepared for its position, that is, where the bag has the bag and where the clothes are... This way, the baby has no excuse to throw things. Therefore, the use of a set of fully functional children's furniture is a good way to cultivate good habits of the baby and is also part of quality education.


3. Safety details should pay attention

In the purchase of furniture, you should pick those corners and handles without edges and sharp edges; desk corner chair corner should try to choose to make a smooth obtuse angle, to prevent the sharp table and chair corner was run around chasing the baby hit on. In addition, children are curious and active. Furniture is likely to be the object of children's play. The bolts and screws in modular furniture are required to be securely jointed to prevent children from disassembling their hands.

4. The height of the furniture is suitable

Many parents would like to purchase a home toy rack combo kit for children to enjoy playing at home. There are slides, basketball frames, and swings. When purchasing such products, pay attention to whether the height of the toy is suitable for the child's play and prevent the child from falling when playing. In addition, if the home has a high furniture, such as bookshelf wardrobe, etc., should pay attention to fixed on the wall or the ground, can not be placed in the middle of the space, to prevent accidental collapse.