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- Oct 09, 2017 -

The traditional desk can not be adjusted, the child's growth rate is very fast, it is difficult to find and match the height of the tables and chairs, the use of inappropriate tables and chairs, easily lead to myopia, vertebral deformation, back pain, affect the child's interest and physical and mental health.

Children in the market of different materials and chairs, different functions, many brands, the price from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The child is the future of the family, how to choose a child with a comfortable, so that children fall in love with the study of the desk and chair? Recently, a family of children's desks and chairs table brush brush friends circle, he helped the children's tables and chairs lay parents to sort out the various functions and importance of parents as long as the table in order to buy desks and chairs to score , According to the score and price, that is, cost can be purchased.

The following to Da Baoli new children's desk and chair, for example, about how to use this tool form. The total table of the total score of 100 points, learning tables and learning chairs are generally matched, each have 50 points, the table in accordance with the importance of the function given different scores, the parents according to the comparison between different children's tables and chairs Score can be.

Learn the five key points of the table

1, the desktop lifting function

The lifting function of the desktop is the core function of learning the table. The minimum height of the new desk is 52cm, the highest height is 84cm, for 3-18 year old students use, but also means that as long as the purchase of a Da Baoli desk, you can accompany the children to finish the student era.

There are two kinds of lifting tables on the market, one is mechanical, by a section of the card spring to adjust the height of the desktop, the disadvantage is a node, can only be fixed in the design of a good height. Another more advanced is the gas bar adjustment, it and the seat of the adjustment method is similar, by pressing the handle, adjust the air pressure in the pressure bar, increase or decrease the height of the desktop. The advantage of this approach is a second lift, easy adjustment, you can hover at any height.

It is important to note that the quality of the desk bar, the quality of the brand pressure bar above the general will be stamped, and specify which international certification, such as SGS, BIMFA, LGA, TUV and so on.

2, the tilt of the desktop function

The tilting function of the desk is another major function of the children's learning table. Da Baoli new learning table tilt angle of 0-45 °. In the horizontal angle suitable for students to write; in the 20 ° angle, suitable for learning to read books, to prevent a long time hump; at 45 °, with the students standing, more suitable for students to paint creation.

Similar to the lifting function of the desktop, the tilt function of the desktop is mainly divided into mechanical and pneumatic, the former for a section of the lift, must be a section of the rise, only to rise to the highest angle to put back to the level; and the latter for the Promise, You can arbitrarily increase or decrease the inclination of the desktop, and can be fixed at any angle. The latter advantage is more obvious.

3, the quality of the table board

The importance of the quality of the tableboard is self-evident. Solid plate bearing capacity is good, because the desk desk will often put a computer and bookshelves, so the gravitational load is very important. Hand knock on the desktop, if the issue is crisp and a little thick feeling of the sound, the desktop is solid plate to build.

Table board in addition to solid bearing strong, but also healthy and environmentally free formaldehyde. Most of the particleboard is made of industrial adhesive, will be long-term distribution of formaldehyde, and formaldehyde a serious threat to the child's health. So parents must look at the inspection report of the plate.

The best choice CARB environmental standards of the plate, formaldehyde content is lower than drinking water.

In addition to try to choose the matt treatment of diffuse reflection of the desktop, do not hurt the child's eyes; color to solid color is appropriate, especially the best white, the desktop pattern is too fancy to distract the child's attention. To test the desktop on the spot wear and anti-fouling, check the desktop is durable and clean. High-end children's table table angle will generally use the arc design and embedded anti-collision package edge, to avoid children bump injury, to ensure child safety.

4, learning the table space and storage function

Learn the space below the table to be empty, so that students will not hurt the legs and feet. Desktop with a vice table is better, the table can be placed on the reading frame, bookshelves, storage tube, desk lamps and other objects, the desktop is surrounded by a storage tank to prevent the stationery fall. Desktop in front of the book, in the tilt reading, you can prevent books fall.

5, the design of the table feet

The details of the side see the intentions. Da Baoli new children's desk, lift the front desktop, can be moved through the back of the two rollers. While the front two legs are intimate design of the height of the PP pad can be adjusted for uneven ground leveling.

Learn the key function points of the chair

1, chair lift / chair depth / back lift

The greater the scope of the three adjustment the better, the greater the scope of the height and size for the more. Da Baoli growth learning chair cushion adjustable height of 30-45cm, cushion depth adjustable 0-9cm, back pad height adjustable 65-90cm, suitable for height 110cm-180cm students use.

2, back design

Learning chair is best equipped with elastic back pad, fit the student back. Note the design of the back of the chair, the back of the chest pockets, waist bump support, the overall support of the back, decompression and comfort.


3, cushion material

The quality of the cushion is very important. Fabric to wear anti-fouling, easy to change, breathable environmental protection.


4, chair wheel design

In the high-end children's learning chair generally use gravity self-locking wheel, as long as the weight of more than 9KG, chair wheel will automatically lock.

The above aspects basically cover the children learn some practical functions of tables and chairs, in accordance with these aspects of the appropriate choice, combined with the price to pick children to learn tables and chairs, you can find your child's health escort, let your children love Learning the children to learn tables and chairs.