How to choose the right child toy
- Jun 12, 2018 -

Toys are children's friends and choosing a good quality toy is very important. The basic principles for parents to choose toys for children must be in line with the characteristics of children's physiological and psychological development, and toys are of interest, safety, and durability at the same time. Next I will explain to parents how to choose the right toy for children.

1 First of all, whether or not there is a national product safety certification mark is 3C certification, it is better to choose the products of famous manufacturers. The toy packaging includes whether there is paint, heavy metal, or chemical dye contamination, and another look at the material including fillers, plastic products And plastic film is not polluted to prevent damage to children

2 Observe whether the sold electric toy power supply and switch are safe, whether it is hot or burning after use. If it is found, the child can not be contacted again and then contact the dealer directly.

3 Observe whether the toy has sound and light pollution and injury, noise and various light intensity can easily cause serious visual and auditory damage to the child. At the same time, electronic toys are needed, especially electronic toys, such as electronic pianos, to pay attention to the timbre, sound quality, rhythm, rhythm, and tone that they produce. As a result of hearing damage to children

4 Check whether there are burrs on mechanically damaged toys, whether the edges are smooth and smooth, and whether the edges are sharp. Also pay attention to whether the screw connection of the toy is firm. Whether the various devices are safe, whether the rope is easy to wind around the child's body, whether the gap in the toy is likely to cause pinching of the child's body, whether the small parts can allow the child to swallow, stuff into the nostrils or the ear canal, etc.