How to decorate a restaurant?
- May 10, 2018 -
  • How to decorate a restaurant?

1. Local use folding table. Wall-mounted, mobile can be, to see which kind of home is more convenient.

2. Enjoy folding chairs at home that are popular with friends. No matter if you sit or come to the hotel, you do not have any influence on the usual practical space.

3. It does not require the use of folding chairs and tables for every meal. Where do you want to discount?

Applicable people: There is no special restaurant area or smaller classmates.

No matter whether it is the kitchen, the window sill, or where it is, there are plenty of space crowded. When you do not eat, you can withdraw.

1 Take a small table by the window and eat a breakfast

2 Tables crowded in the kitchen while eating

3 mobile side cabinet change bracket

4 small folding table affixed to the wall

5 Eat snacks, chat, read books at small tables, bid farewell to lonely cooking

Applicable people: Students who often have “double chopsticks” at home.

Plus two pairs of chopsticks have to have a home bench, ah, folding chair can be a big help at this time, sitting comfortably than the bench, usually there is to be able to close up not to occupy children, hanging wall can also be decorated, can not make a hole in the wall There is no problem with the back door or balcony.

Applicable people: Students who do not eat at home frequently but cannot eat at home.

Tables and chairs are collapsible and do not close when not in use.6.JPG