How to decorate the room and look good
- May 21, 2018 -

How to decorate the room and look good

1 book

There is a small bookcase, or a small cupboard from IKEA. Stacking the book neatly in the room will make you feel comfortable.

2, 2, headboard: paintings, small stereo, table lamp, color pillow, can be bought at IKEA.

With warm lighting, the night feels warm.

3. Flowers: Although a lot of flowers can't be used for a week, if you buy a perennial green vase, you can manage it for at least a month. Then you can exchange a few flowers for a week and the room will be more lively.

4. Cosmetics Storage: Use muji's acrylic series, stacked neatly, and you will see that your mood will change.

5, bedding: It is recommended to buy bright colors will be more likely to look warm, avoid buying the kind of domestic flowers.

6, you can try to put more rag dolls and the like, will make the room have a soft atmosphere.

7, pay attention to storage, do not put all things scattered everywhere.

Even if it is chaos, it must be orderly. For example, dirty clothes should have a hamper or the like.

8, dozens of treasures in a treasure to buy the stars. Turn off the lights at night and instantly become a small fairy tale world.