How to drive a RV to travel
- Jul 24, 2018 -

How to drive a RV to travel?

The first thing is to book a car. After all, in Australia and New Zealand these countries are more accustomed to the reservation system. Early booking not only has more car models, but also early bird discounts. Unfortunately, there is not much choice about RVs in the current Chinese strategy, so we also grope for ourselves. The first one is the number of people. Four people are old drivers except me. Second, we did not choose RVs with toilets (including toilets and showers) because no one was willing to clean them up. All of them were parked in the well-equipped holiday park (including kitchens and bathrooms). There were no toilets in the car. necessary. Thirdly, with respect to prices, New Zealand is a country where RV travel is particularly popular. Therefore, the selection of RV brands ranges from the Juicy, which is cost-effective, to Maui, a full-range Mercedes-Benz new car on the high-end atmosphere. The price range is also quite large. Recommendations can refer to several comparison prices, Chinese recommendations to see the country (

In comparing the performance of the selected vehicles, the interpretation of the equipment in the vehicle and the degree of preferential treatment, it is still more intuitive and convenient to read Chinese. Of course, the price does not have a discount on the official website, so we call the official website to consult and order it. We booked Britz four months in advance, but we didn't catch the early bird. We only got a 5% welcome discount. The four-person 15-day RV rental was less than 4,000, which was a good deal overall. You can pay by credit card or international transfer, plus 2% by credit card fee. Commonwealth can directly transfer funds to New Zealand directly on the app, which is very convenient.