How to formulate a self-driving tour route?
- Jul 02, 2018 -

How to formulate a self-driving tour route?

If the attractions are scattered and public transportation is not appropriate, you need to choose driving. Take China as an example. There are many categories of attractions, such as metropolitan tours, such as ancient city tours. Many places have perfect public transportation. There is no need to choose self-driving tour. Because parking is inconvenient in these places, the driver is very hard. As for the beautiful routes of Tibet and Xinjiang, the geographical distribution of the scenic spots on these travel routes is rather scattered. There is ample reason for choosing public transport because of the inconvenience of choosing public transport. The vast majority of non-urban attractions in the United States also meet this standard, such as various national parks.

Approximate route

There are a lot of tools, one is my most used Google Map, and the other is the travel guide website, which can be used to select the route. The advantages and disadvantages of using Google Maps are the same. The planning of the route needs to fully exert its own imagination.

The method is to select the spots to be visited on the blank map, and then connect the spots with suitable routes. At the same time, it is necessary to take into consideration the scenery along the lines and the convenience of the accommodation. According to this process, formulate a Travel routes need to die a lot of brain cells.

The travel guide website has other netizens' travel routes that can be used directly without planning, but it will also lose much of the pleasure of discovery. These two methods have different views.

3. Daily driving time

One point that can't be overlooked in long-distance driving is the rational planning of daily driving time. If more than one person can drive on the road, the problem is not so obvious. But if there is only one driver during the entire journey (as is the case with most of my self-driving tours), controlling daily driving time is the only way to ensure safe travel. According to my experience, it is advisable not to drive more than 5 hours per day. This will ensure that there is enough time to play at the sights and that the driver will have enough energy to continue driving the next day.

There is also a tip: Try not to arrange night driving. Night driving during the trip is sometimes very dangerous. First, because the road is mostly unfamiliar with the travel process; Second, because the night driving requires a high degree of concentration, after a day Drivers are usually very tired after playing, so try to avoid scheduling night driving.

4. Attraction time

A good self-driving tour plan will also predefine the time of stay in the scenic spots. If the activities at the scenic spots are expected to include Hiking "Mountaineering" and Trail "I don't know how to translate it, it is generally understood as taking a set route." The estimation of the residence time also needs to estimate the time required for these activities. Dissociated, the United States National Park has developed for centuries and has a particularly good point. It will provide travelers with sufficient Trail information. Maps of travelers who are sent to each visitor to the national park for free will have the location of the Trail, the difficulty level, and the time it takes. With this information, it is estimated that the stay time at the sights will be much simpler.

5. Detailed route

The next step is to determine the detailed route for driving. To determine the detailed route, we must not only consider the principle that the driving time just mentioned should not be too long, but also pay attention to the particularity of certain sections. For example, when traveling by myself in Hawaii, I encountered Unpaved Road many times, "there is no paved road." These roads require a corresponding model, such as a high-profile SUV to get a better experience "not to be shaken in the car." Therefore, when determining the route for self-driving tour, if there are any such road sections, it will take more time to study