How to open a party at home
- Jun 13, 2018 -

How to open a party at home?

For the PARTY food at home, the party planning experts advocate healthy and vegetarian-based, simple, such as fruit buffet, vegetable buffet are good. Let every friend who attends the party bring a good dish that can be heated in a microwave, so that everyone can exchange ideas about cooking and make the topic easy and natural.


    The wine is a must-have drink for thousands of people, and it is a must for many festive parties. In the Western PARTY, from red wine, white wine to champagne, suitable for most party food mix.

    In fact, we do not need to worry about "food and wine" because party foods have various flavors and characteristics. Rather than worrying about using "a dish with one wine," it is better to use self-help methods to divide the number of people who participate in the party by 2 Or 3, equal to about the total consumption of wine. For example, a party of 12 people can prepare 4 to 6 bottles of red wine, at which time the guests will choose their favorite wine.

    Champagne: full of festive atmosphere, there are more choices. And champagne can be used with any kind of food or even a net drink.


    Red wine: Bordeaux Felipe meilu district wine inlet lubricated, very elegant; France bolda up to the winery's red wine entrance supple, together with red meat, white pork cheese can be; France Bordeaux Richmond wine red rich fruit flavor and spice flavor, Low acidity; St. Merien Immem Wines are light ruby red, moderate in concentration, rich in calendula and hawthorn. The entrance spice has a remarkable taste and balance. The French Nani Meichao district is rich in red wine rich minerals, green peppers and dried tomato flavor. The Bordeaux Saint Emilion wine has rich spices and fruit flavors and is suitable for roast beef, game or poultry and even spice flavor. Heavy food.

    Champagne hot selection

    There is also a taste for other liqueurs, and tens of dollars can also be exchanged for festive atmosphere. The general "wild" white wine, white Sauvignon (about 140 yuan) and Chardonnay (about 220 yuan), is full of flavor, can be served with salad, ham, sushi, fried fish, salmon, white sauce spaghetti and curry . In terms of red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in Bordeaux have their own unique features. They are top-notch with red meat, roast chicken, satay, cheese, tomato sauce and other foods as well as net drink.


    Cookies: There are a variety of cookies on the market, including chocolate, nuts, and strawberry cookies. There are also special soft cookies that are very easy to buy.



  Chocolate: Sweet chocolate is certainly a food that cannot be found in PARTY. If you like high-end ones, you can choose the imported brands such as Feline and Dove.

    Salad: Fruit salad or seafood salad. Buy shrimp, squid, and scallops from the supermarket and cook them. Put vinegar, herbs, salt, black pepper, and olive oil. It's a very delicious seafood salad.

    Cakes: The cakes sold in supermarkets or cake houses are very delicious. The cake making methods are more complicated and DIY is not recommended at home. As for other foods, such as Italian snacks and Chinese dim sum, they are not listed here.