How to prolong the serice life of plastic
- Jun 25, 2018 -

How to prolong the serice life of plastic

  1. Environmental factors. Plastic turnover box to try to use in a closed environment, such as workshops, warehouses, supermarkets and so on, to avoid in the open storage, as far as possible not in the sun exposure, wind blowing, rain, because these kinds of circumstances, will reduce the use of the plastic box.

    2. Human factors. In the actual use of the process of not cherishing plastic boxes, littering, disorderly fall, or violence, will shorten the life of plastic turnover box.

3. Quality factor. If the purchase of plastic turnover box quality does not pass, the use of life will be shortened, here the quality is mainly refers to materials and structure of two aspects, such as whether the case is made of new PP material, design structure is reasonable, unreasonable structure design, the impact on the load-bearing, once there are quality problems, the service life will not be guaranteed.

4. Use method. Improper use of the method will also reduce the life of the plastic turnover box, for example, one can only put 10kg heavy plastic turnover box, you have to put 30kg heavy things, that two times may not have any problems, long before will shorten the service life, plastic turnover box and people can not be used for long-term overload.