How to steal space?
- Apr 16, 2018 -

How to steal space?

1. Steal a restaurant - wall folding table

In general, the tables we use at home are made into a single entity. They are large, bulky and inconvenient to move, so they are not convenient enough for space use.

The folding table has small and exquisite features. When used, it can be unfolded, closed when not in use, and sometimes it can be turned into a home decoration. Whether it is a big house or a small space, it can be a good ride.DN-AL-01.jpg

Stand against the wall and fold it up as a shelf

Open as a small dining table or worktable is perfect

Seeing this "simple restaurant" design, it is impossible to convince the designer! The kind of body to vote!

A few simple distortions save us room for a restaurant. Sure enough, human wisdom is infinite.

2. Steal a reading corner - folding chair

A simple folding chair can also play its own function in various situations.

Reading corners, dining chairs, work chairs, etc., choose a simple and classic folding chair, but also a good way to “steal” space.

3. Steal a bedroom - folding sofa / sofa bed

For the sofa, there is nothing to say. Basically everyone has a home, soft and comfortable, suitable for Sahuan.

The folding sofa, in addition to inheriting the lazy softness of the sofa, also expands the new features and can become a bed

4. Stealing a utility room - folding lockers

In my impression, the locker is a large, stupid cabinet that can hold anything but nothing.

(I know this is prejudice, but who care~)

The folding locker, in addition to its storage, more can be transformed into a table to achieve the perfect combination of table and cabinet.

5. Steal a workbench - folding table

"Folding" a folding table on the wall, usually can be used as a table, a desk, etc., to meet the daily life of 1-2 individuals is completely no problem, and the piece left after folding can also be used as a rack.

If you want to play some personalized tricks at home, you can choose this type of folding table. There is a "heart machine", a design, and space-saving features.

The disadvantage is that you can't move as you like.