How to choose the children's fence?
- Apr 26, 2018 -

The baby is a delicate flower and a treasure for parents. Every small detail he grows cannot be ignored. Therefore, when mother wants to create an independent space for her baby, she will also carefully select the child's fence that best suits her baby. What should children's fencing choose?

The first is fun.

Baby's nature is more curious, a good fence should have gorgeous colors and a fun toy bar to attract the baby's attention, or three minutes after the heat will not sit still. A good-looking and playful fence can not only promote the baby's physical and mental development, but also can successfully increase the baby's independent play time, so that mothers have more time to do their own thing.


1. Products must pass 3C certification authority;

2. The best choice for hollow blow molding products to prevent baby bruises;

3. The sucker suction at the bottom of the fence must be professionally tested and has a strong suction force

4. The height of the fence should be suitable for the baby, can not block all sight, but must ensure that it does not turn over;

5. The door lock is designed to prevent the baby from opening the door to leave the safe space.


It's a headache for the baby to take in after playing. To remove the fence, you have to re-install it the next time you play. Mothers can choose a one-touch operation fence, like this one side, no need to repeat the installation of the product.