In McDonald's finished meal, carrying a large cola tray looking for a seat, how to prevent the cola cup down?
- Oct 28, 2017 -

For customers, to maintain a certain weight of the plate balance is the need for upper limb strength and cerebellar function, it is difficult to imagine a person because of a number of times overturned a large cup of drink and determined to practice muscle or exercise cerebellum, so in a person The quality of the established conditions to discuss the first, both hands and easy to hold the side of the disk, if necessary, then the side of the body will be attached to the second, go slower, even if the liquid is relatively light and difficult to be knocked down / knocked down Third of the others, if necessary, put the drinks on the center of the plate, not easy to turn, even if it is more likely to fall in the tray only leak a little (the current plastic cover can also be closed) Fourth, it is not , Take many times, first non-beverage side to go and then take the drink


For the store, first, to remind customers to have a large cup of drinks be careful, if necessary, when the staff to help, when the staff flow is less when the clerk is willing to do the second, put the food when the drink on the plate center, Some of the third thing, the bottom of the design of the cup is bigger, or the design of some temporary expansion of the support structure, the disadvantage is the cost and occupation of the volume are big fourth, the bottom of the cup and the top of the dish (or advertising paper) Of the material transposition coefficient of friction of the larger material, the shortcomings of the same as the fifth, in the tray outside the number of rings (or add a number of internal cylinder), the size should be so that the cup center of gravity slightly higher than the plate plane or lower ( Height of the big cup one-third enough) prevail, the shortcomings of the same as above, and put down the plate when a little inconvenience; problem added in the example of this, the volume of the problem is solved, but the paper on the plate advertising To dig or shrink the size, and fries, seasonings and other small objects easy to fall


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