Introduction to the types of outdoor furniture
- Jul 25, 2017 -

1. Permanent fixed type

such as Mu Ting, tents, solid wood tables and chairs, iron tables and chairs. Generally this type of furniture to choose high-quality wood, with good anti-corrosion, weight is heavier, long-term in the outdoors.

2. Movable Type

such as the West Rattan chair, the special forest chair can be folded wooden tables and chairs and sun umbrella, when used in the outdoors, not when you can put it in the room, so this kind of furniture more comfortable and practical, not to consider so much solid and anti-corrosion performance, but also according to personal hobbies to join some fabric decoration.

3. Portable Type

such as small table, dining chair and parasol, this kind of furniture is usually made of aluminum or canvas, light weight, easy to carry, field trip, fishing is very suitable, the best can also bring some outdoor equipment, barbecue stove racks, tents category, for outdoor travel to add a lot of fun.