keeping method of outdoor aluminum table keeping method
- Jun 07, 2018 -

Cast aluminum outdoor tables and chairs are widely used in villas, communities and outdoor cafes and other leisure venues. Cast aluminum tables and chairs due to the selection of materials, production of sophisticated and sophisticated appearance, the appearance of luxury and noble factors, the relatively high cost, then how to maintain the maintenance of cast aluminum tables and chairs to extend its life?

Let's first understand what are the characteristics of the cast aluminum tables and chairs:

1, light weight. The main materials of cast aluminum tables and chairs are aluminum and aluminum alloys. The density of aluminum is relatively small compared to steel and iron, so its quality is light.

2, good thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of aluminum is better in most metals, with a melting point of 2327°C, fast heat absorption, fast heat dissipation, and good fire resistance.

3, rust, corrosion resistance. Cast aluminum alloys have natural rust and corrosion resistance due to the alumina protective layer on the surface. In general, outdoor furniture manufacturers spray paint on cast aluminum and paint to protect them from corrosion.

4, cast aluminum has a better anti-ultraviolet radiation ability.

According to the characteristics of the above cast aluminum tables and chairs, it is not difficult to sum up the methods for maintaining the cast aluminum tables and chairs:

1. Cast aluminum, like most metal products, is prone to breakage when strong external forces are received, so cast aluminum tables and chairs should be handled with care and avoid bumping with heavy objects.

2. The secret of anti-rust and anti-corrosion of cast aluminum lies in the alumina on the surface. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid scratching as much as possible. If it is accidentally scratched, it must be immediately repaired with anti-rust paint.

3, the same, cast aluminum tables and chairs with anti-corrosion advantages, but in the weak acid and alkali, try to make strong acid and alkali away from cast aluminum tables and chairs.

4, daily cleaning cast aluminum tables and chairs should use clean water or neutral detergent to clean, clean the need to use clean water to clean the detergent.

5, cast aluminum tables and chairs placed outdoors to choose to lay flat on the ground, while the best with umbrellas, do a good job of sunshine protection.

6, cast aluminum tables and chairs outdoor use every other year, rainy areas for six months, the best anti-rust paint brushing and maintenance.