Let's go to spring together
- Mar 23, 2018 -

Spring tour

In spring and summer, it is the season when the north is neither cold nor hot. Can carry out picnic activities.

Equipment: picnic mats (required), followed by folding tables, inflatable beds, hammocks, tents, where it should be pointed out that the folding table is for a place where everyone can sit and play and eat.

Food and essential items: bread, salad dressing, lettuce, cucumber, ham, these can be combined into a sandwich. Sushi is highly recommended. Every picnic will be scrambled. Paper towels, wet wipes, garbage bags should also be brought on

Games: Poker, etc. Various board games, Three Kingdoms kill, Paper and pen (You can play one gesture and one guess). The mobile phone "Reunion Play" app is highly recommended. There are several easy to use board games.