How to choose a dinette?
- Mar 26, 2018 -

How to choose a dinette?

First, the size of the dining area

Whether it is a specialized restaurant or a restaurant function, you must first determine the size of the dining area.

1. The space is large enough, there is an independent restaurant, you can choose a more fluent dinette to match the space.

2. Space is limited, and the number of diners is uncertain. You can choose a retractable table. You do not need to buy a large dining table that occupies a place for the only few large dinners in the year.

Second, material and size

1.Dining tables and chairs can be divided into steel, tempered glass, marble, solid wood, metal and so on. It is recommended to choose tables and chairs with legs or legs made of solid wood or steel pipe. Such legs and legs are more weight-bearing than other materials.

Third, the design method

1.Dinettes can be categorized into foldable, non-foldable, split dinettes, and one-piece dinettes according to the design method.

2.It is suggested that small-sized families can choose foldable dining tables and chairs if space is relatively small, which is more space-saving; if the family size is relatively large, they can also choose non-foldable and relatively heavy dinettes, which is more coordinated with the whole.