Long-term use of computers requires attention
- Mar 28, 2018 -

Summarize a few points and follow

1. The feet are on the ground, out of the floor mats

2. Waist upright

3. When the elbow is 90 degrees and the upper arm is vertical, how high can your hand go and where the keyboard is placed

4. The head-on line of sight is on the edge of the computer screen, regardless of how large the screen is.

5. Use the mouse, keyboard, and wrist to hang. Generally speaking, the table is not adjustable. So adjust the chair first to 23 and then press 1 to add the floor mat and then press 4 to adjust the display. Generally speaking, the best solution for the monitor is to keep the monitor low. The pad book computer teaching material is the most suitable recommend that who's 3 program design is generally enough if not enough to put the table for a XD

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