Cafe layout
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Cafe layout

First, the overall design style of coffee shop

Coffee shop decoration design should be customer-oriented. Although the design of each store is different depending on the store's restrictions, some basic rules are followed. For example, the image of a coffee shop should reflect the service, convenience, and delicious food of the coffee shop. The factors such as coffee shop design, service standards, cleanliness, product quality, and friendly and friendly staff can all show the image of the coffee shop to customers. In design, the coffee shop should be integrated into the original building without destroying the original design style of the building. When opening a new store, you can use a digital camera to take pictures of the interior and surrounding environment of the shop, pass the pictures to the design studio, ask the designer to help design, and then go to the construction team according to the design plan to ensure the coffee shop and the original environment Blend.

Second, facade and sign design

In addition to the basic role of the coffee shop decoration shop, it can guide people's attention and make people interested in the coffee shop. In the design of coffee shops, the design of the shop door is an important part. Set the store door in the middle, left or right of the store, depending on the specific circumstances such as the passenger flow and the size of the coffee shop. In general, most large coffee shops can place their stores in the center, and it is not appropriate to place the entrances and exits of small coffee shops in the center. Because the shop is small, if the shop is located in the center, it will directly affect the area actually used in the shop and the free circulation of customers. In general, the entry and exit doors of small coffee shops are more reasonable on the left or right side. Signboard text design is increasingly focused on coffee shops, and some artistic, three-dimensional, and advertising signboards with slogan slogans and numbers have emerged.

Third, make full use of various colors

At present, the demand for coffee is still very large. If you want to run a coffee shop, the details that you need to pay attention to during the renovation are still quite many. The basic tone is purple, and the arrangement is gorgeous and noble. In yellow, the arrangement is soft. With blue as the keynote, the arrangement is unpredictable; with a dark tone, the arrangement looks generous and neat; with white as the tone, the arrangement looks lifeless; with red as the basis, the arrangement is warm. The use of color is not a single, but comprehensive.

Fourth, it is very important to create a good atmosphere in the design and decoration of coffee shops.

In fact, many people come to the cafes and most of them are not swift, but rather find some good friends to come and talk and exchange. Of course, if a good cup of coffee can be done in the shop, it would be better, so the coffee shop design The decoration must pay attention to be able to create a comfortable, relaxed, elegant, romantic atmosphere, such as some modifications of the wall, or a pair of oil paintings, or an exquisite decoration can create a good atmosphere. Therefore, it is very important for the customer to fully feel the atmosphere in the decoration of the cafe.