Preparation for camping
- May 18, 2018 -

Preparation for camping

Camping in the wild is a way to travel or experience life in the wild. It requires safety and attention to the following points:

Pay attention to the effects of natural disasters and understand weather information in a timely manner.

To do a good job of keeping warm and cold, prepare some common drugs.

In the wild, we must also prevent the intrusion of wild animals and ensure personal safety.

You also need to prepare the materials for camping:

1 tent, flashlight or lighter.

Adequate food and water, blankets and other daily necessities.

Prepare some commonly used drugs for the occasional need.

Some common ways of camping in the wild:

Choose a flat place, observe the surrounding situation, check the map, confirm whether the place is safe, and whether there is a possibility of mountain torrents or mudslides.

2. The place of choice can be near the water source to facilitate drinking and drinking. Then on the ground, set up tents.

3. A pile of fire outside the tent can both illuminate and protect against cold, as well as prevent animal infestation.