Science for functional desk
- Mar 31, 2018 -

Nowadays, with the continuous development of science and technology, desks are no longer static. Every family will give their children the best in their ability. Now there is a function desk that is popular with everyone. Now Xiaobian is here to introduce to you the function of the function desk and what you should pay attention to during the purchase process. Please follow me to learn about the function desk.


Functional Desk - Function Introduction

Correcting sitting posture: By adjusting the distance height, the body is sitting upright, preventing sitting postures and skewing, bending back and bending back, keeping body shape development, and preventing bending and hunching; fixing a shoulder strap on the chair to ensure sitting posture. At the same time the desktop can be moved back and forth Protect eyesight: Adjust the distance and book angle, limit the standard reading distance, maintain a positive viewing angle, prevent short-distance vision, and make myopia strabismus caused by incorrect viewing angle; the table is automatically adjusted and equipped with a standard distance rule to ensure the distance. Prevention of neck and shoulder fatigue: bookshelf set in front of the desk, you can fix the book in a correct angle with the line of sight, reading and writing without reading the book, can effectively prevent the kyphosis, correction of spinal curvature; requires the design of bookshelf adjustment. Prevent fatigue: Set a standard bookshelf to make the distance and angle between the eyes and the book more reasonable. 1 Oblique writing board makes the writing comfortable and effortless, the wrists are not easy to fatigue, the scientific board design, the control of the writing is not skewed, right posture, prevention Fatigue; required to be made up and down to adjust the slope. Liberation Legs and Feet: The height of the table and chairs can be adjusted in both directions, not limited by the height, and the legs and feet will not be confined after sitting for a long time.


Functional Desk - Optional

Like children's furniture, children's desks and chairs are all rich in wood, wood-based panels, and plastics. These materials have their own characteristics, but they must be built on the premise of solidness and practicality. When choosing a desk and chair for children, they must also choose ergonomic principles. The size of the desk chair must be combined with the child's height, age, and size so as to benefit their healthy growth. The lines of the desk chair should be sleek and smooth, rounded or curved with the best edge, in addition to smooth switching and delicate surface treatment. Hard and rough desk chairs with sharp corners and surfaces must be kept away from children.