Children's toy storage rack 5 ways to share the storage toys
- May 10, 2018 -

I believe that every child has a lot of toys, but the parents keep picking up toys after the baby's buttocks every day. I believe many parents have this irritating scene. They have just picked up toys and will give piles of toys everywhere. All of them, walking around and getting in the way, is really a headache. Now it's being eaten by the baby as food. So how do you store toys?

1, clear away toys that can no longer be played

Some toys cannot be re-used because they lack a certain part or are broken. Parents will not hesitate to classify these toys in the rubbish and throw them away.

2, find a suitable toy ground

At home, you can plan a place for children to play in, such as placing toys scattered in various places together, which can improve the efficiency of toy use, so that some toys are new and toys are being bought again.

3, respect the wishes of children

Organizing toys should still respect the child's opinions. Be sure to tell your child clearly when you lose a toy. Try to win the child's consent. If the child insists on keeping, it may be left.

4, the most commonly used toys in a prominent position

Some mothers will classify their toys, but sometimes, for a long time, they can't remember where the toys are. Every baby should have several toys that he often plays, so when mothers receive toys, Keep your baby's favorite toys in a conspicuous position.

5, toys display rules

Boy toys are basically toys such as car models and guns. Most girls are toys like dolls. When parents display toys, they should put their children's toys on a good place for easy access. Dirty toys are placed on the upper layer, and the baby will not get it at will. It is also possible to affix the toy box with a label, and then classify them separately.