Three kinds of storage basket, to help you solve bathroom toilet
- Oct 31, 2017 -

Today, we share with you how to accommodate a "shopping mall" in the washroom wash area!

The premise is that the dry area of your bathroom is independent, and the space is larger.

Main points of reception [knocking blackboard]:

To all kinds of storage box, help you sort, not all altogether into the.

Customize the height of each layer, so as to ensure the maximum use of space.

Functional areas are obvious, such as face, hair, mouth and so on, so "shopping mall" can be more purposeful

 Storage infrastructure tools

Small candy store basket: put toothbrush, toothpaste, replace brush head, store cleansing bubble and so on. Because I buy a lot of money all the time, and I plug it all over here.


Nachuan free group box: put some small things, often use small scissors, knife eyebrow, lip balm, compressed facial mask.

Small candy colored storage basket: centralized storage of high skin care products without unpacking.

Nachuan free group: benefits the box can not see clearly what's inside, the disadvantages are not clear what is inside. So I put all the cosmetics, small packages, stuffed here, when you go out to travel to find again. The lid is also more practical, you can flat put some mask, eye mask what.

SANADA refrigerator storage box: the advantage of this storage box is that it can separate itself and improve the convenience of storage classification.


Will arrange the small ointment, daily dermatitis and eczema, aureomycin eye ointment, oral ulcer paste, lip balm, mosquito paste, Bondi, some drug ointment, main and nose, because I perennial allergic rhinitis. And eye drops, antiperspirant creams, hair creams. Ha ha ha, TK very want to beard, so when you go to Japan to buy, the effect can only say, if you are not born, do not insist on kazakhstan.

SANADA refrigerator box: the advantage of this storage box is that the front end of the box is low, convenient to take things inside, side and back end is relatively high, put a little higher bottle will not fall.

Here are some of the daily care products that girls use. Every day with the Foundation Series I'll put in the cabinet below the diaphragm on the door is not convenient, after all. Here are some of the fun out of order to hoard goods, gadgets bought. There are all kinds of perfume and facial care instrument Refa, etc..


Don't do it too high, because it's not easy to pick up the tall things. So they're all round jars, flat. Cotton stick, cutting knife (also included in the frosted combination box), all kinds of big cans of skin care products, baby, we all have. Because of large size, so it does not need to separate storage box, neatly lined.

With all kinds of nursing kits, girls have more than 3 makeup bags, which is very normal. There is a make-up, there is a special business trip, there is a special sport, and there will continue to be new to join, because businesses love to send makeup bag, I would like to say, next time you can send something else? I really can't stop it!!

 The best realm of storage should be desirable. But some of the year round not how to use, and temporarily can not throw, can only save up. Put it in a beautiful basket. It's beautiful and tidy.