Plastic Furniture Maintenance Tips
- May 22, 2018 -

Plastic furniture is widely used in many homes due to its light and beautiful appearance, freedom of movement, and no fear of water. However, it is undeniable that the maintenance and maintenance of plastic furniture is often overlooked by many people, making its service life shorter and also causing waste. Share the maintenance tips for plastic furniture today.

Use indoors

Plastic furniture is prone to ageing and brittle cracking. Therefore, it is best to use it indoors and it should not be used outdoors. Avoid direct sunlight and keep away from heat sources such as stoves and heating. If it breaks, it can be glued after the iron is hot and soft, and it can also be glued with banana water and glue dissolved in PVC. This point is often overlooked. Before my family's plastic chairs were often placed on balconies, they soon faded.

Avoid direct sunlight and local exposure to heavy pressure

Plastic veneer furniture should also avoid direct sunlight and local heavy pressure, not to heat, to prevent the veneer joint expansion, degumming. Veneer furniture, the substrate is mostly fiberboard, it is easy to moisture expansion, separation, special attention should be waterproof and moisture, can be applied to the back surface of the substrate veneer 1-2 varnish can play a very good moisture-proof effect. If it is found that the veneer is peeled off from the substrate, it should be cleaned with banana water or xylene first, and then glued with a universal adhesive to restore it. After the glue is dry, it can be closed with a varnish at the joint of the joint.

Prevent collision

Plastic furniture is less rigid and should prevent collisions and sharp hard objects from scratching. When cleaning, use ordinary detergent to wash, do not use metal brush scrubbing. This point, I believe most people know

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