What about wooden furniture bugs
- Mar 28, 2018 -
  1. Paint Treatment For some corners that have not yet been victimized, paint with raw tung oil, shellac or varnish, etc., is applied to the surface of the wooden cabinet to isolate the worms from the air and achieve the purpose of flood prevention. Note that when brushing, the front and back sides and the inner wall of the cabinet should be painted evenly.

  2. When the wooden cabinet is pest-damaged, dichlorvos and water may be used to prepare a liquid ratio of 1:5. The liquid is sprayed with a sprayer to allow the liquid to infiltrate into the wooden cabinet. It is necessary to spray 3 to 5 times consecutively. After hours, all locusts can be killed. Afterwards, wash the wooden cabinet with clean water and dry it.

  3. Wiping with diesel The sunny wooden cabinets have been placed in the morning sun, with a brush or cotton yarn to the wood cabinet all painted once. Twice in the sun and then painted again, and then drying, to see the locust died in the hole can be. Then wash with detergent and dry.