What are the tips for arranging small rooms?
- May 16, 2018 -

What are the tips for arranging small rooms?

1. Everyone knows that furniture occupies the position of the room. So in order to save floor space, we can choose to overlap the furniture. And put the furniture as much as possible when placing the wall, as well as the interior corners can also be used. In addition, furniture can be used in more ways. For example, a coffee table can be replaced with a locker.

2. If there is a small room with a high floor, we can build a loft on it because the loft can be used not only as a bedroom but also as a small living room. At the same time, if there is an inclined roof, it can be used, and the lowest point of the inclined roof can also be used to place things.

3. The wall should not be painted with too many patterns, too many patterns make people have a visual confusion of space. If you choose to decorate wallpapers with lines or diamond patterns, you will increase the human visual space, and these simple wallpapers will enrich the walls.

4. The living room is an important place for our house space. The decoration style, furniture decoration, and decoration color of the living room can reflect the outstanding owner's personality and taste. If the living room is beautifully decorated, it will not only make people feel comfortable, but also improve the quality of the entire space