What should I prepare for family camping
- Jun 11, 2018 -

What should I prepare for family camping?

1, drinking problems

In short-distance crossings, if you are known to have difficulty rehydrating, you should bring sufficient drinking water, about 2 liters per person per day (if you do not need to make FB meals). Long-distance crossings can take water from river waterfalls, rivers, and ponds on the way, but you must observe the pollution. For example, there are unmanned animals near the water, animal carcasses, and faeces and other pollutants. When there is a lot of sediment in the water, let the water settle for more than 10 minutes. In regions with large grasshoppers, open or transparent containers should be used to draw water, so that if there is any leech in the water.

2. The problem of firing

When traveling, carry more than one type of fire source, such as: lighters (more than one type), matches, and fire pots. It is best to carry camping stoves, gas tanks or fuel tanks. When the camp fires, it is necessary to pay attention to whether or not the camp is a fire-fighting area. Otherwise, there is no need to violate regulations in addition to survival. Before preparing the fire, prepare some dry fine firewood (smaller than the chopsticks), place it on the bottom of the stove that is piled with stones, and then put the rough firewood on it. Light the fine wood and blow it with your mouth to blow the fire. . When it is raining or when the firewood is relatively wet, dry wood from the middle can be cut open and chopped and used as a guide (this time machetes or other tools are needed).

2. Camping problems

Look for safe, sheltered, dry and flat areas. At this time, we must pay attention to the surrounding environment, such as whether there is a rock falling stone, how the wind direction, there are animal nests, hives and so on. Try not to camp on the river. Unless it is determined that it is dry season, the water level will not change. Camps should not be close to the water's edge and there are more mosquitoes.

3. Wildlife

Prepare cool oil, balm, safflower oil and other drugs when you travel. Leggings can effectively prevent grasshoppers, snakes and other creatures from attacking the legs. Venomous snakes can be prepared for snake medicine.

4, nutritional supplements

In the long-term field crossing, physical exertion is heavy, perspiration is excessive, and the body is prone to salt loss, electrolyte imbalance, and nutritional deficiencies, which can seriously affect physical strength and health, and sometimes even dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to make up.