Why can't we stop producing plastic products?
- Oct 17, 2017 -

At this time, the combination of plastics and agriculture has come to a deep, deep level, leaving plastic, the entire agricultural production system will collapse, followed by the spread of billions of people in the famine.

     Plastics and other polymer materials used in agriculture, at least played a major role in three aspects: first, increased production, plastic film to buckle up, so that the land can be produced throughout the year to eat. It can regulate the environment of crop growth precisely, and make the same amount of land produce more food. Two, expand the planting land before my piece of land, only a little barley or high erucic acid rape. My farm 150 acres of land, highland barley or rape can only feed up to 15 people, eat very rotten. Now we feed more than 60 people, a dog, a cat, a bunch of dove, a large piece of rose, with wine, meat and fruit.

Three, greatly reducing the pollution is now the world's 7 billion people, no plastic is widely used in agriculture, ecological environment, long the whole earth collapsed. 1, mulching technology reduces the use of water resources, reduce the use of herbicides and pesticides; 2, drip irrigation technology reduces water use, reduce the use of fertilizer; 3, there is no alternative material. Three points at first point, plastic because of its excellent performance, the use of agricultural, there is no alternative material. Also transparent materials that can be used in large quantities, only glass. But on the one hand, glass is too heavy, on the other hand, it is too expensive, and the pollution of manufacturing process is not small, so it is impossible to replace plastic. Nowadays, two kinds of transparent materials are widely used in agriculture, one is plastic film, the other is PC board, also called sunlight board, all of which are plastic.

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Without planting, it's impossible to have aquaculture, vegetables are not eaten, not to eat meat. Not to mention the collapse of the entire transportation industry. Even if there's a place in the world where you can grow enough food, you can't send it to your mouth. You don't even have electricity. The wires and rubbers are plastic. Of course, the vast majority of users know that the owner is asking, "why can't electricity be generated with love?"". This problem manifests itself is inexperienced deep, naive, I came to science.