wood table purchase and maintenance
- Jun 05, 2018 -

1. should stay away from heat, avoid direct sunlight, too hot, too dry will make wooden furniture deformation, cracks. This will prevent the wood from being partially cracked and deformed.

2, should pay attention to the table surface cleaning, you should always use a soft cotton cloth to gently wipe the surface dust, at intervals, with a slightly wet cotton

3. Carefully wipe the dust on the corner of the dining chair and dry it with a clean, dry and soft cotton cloth.

4, for more dirt, you can first wipe slowly with warm water, then clean water.

5. the dining chair is easy to contact with other oil than the other chairs, so usually should be added to wipe, to avoid accumulation of oil.

6. the oil maintenance once every six months, even if it looks like a smooth skin or US-resistant board desktop, can not be melon cloth or steel brush grinding, so as not to damage the paint, resulting in paint off.

7. Apply high-quality light wax to the surface, and increase the brightness while maintaining.

8. more pleated or patterned dining chair, pay more attention to cleaning and maintenance. The chair cover can be used to protect the dining chair, which can also be more convenient when cleaning, prolonging the service life of the dining chair.

9. to take care to avoid damage to the structural design. Do not swing the chair or support the chair in two feet. Improper use will destroy the original structure.

Solid wood tables must pay attention to these maintenance can extend its life.