Development Trend Of Solid Wood Table Chairs And Solid Wood Tables And Chairs
- Nov 07, 2017 -

Dining table chair is a kind of dining utensils, which is widely used. The height of the 720mm-760mm standard, dining table and chair appliance to our daily life and social activities with the use of the sitting, leaning, meals and other functions. Usually assembled by a number of zero parts in a certain joint way. Wei Jia Sixie "Minshu" five Huai Zi Wu Liu mandshurica tussah: "where the furniture, all kinds of wooden pieces before yi." Visible, since ancient times, China's table chairs have been solid wood as the main timber, mainly solid wood furniture

able chair preferred solid wood table chair

1, according to different design methods are divided into: conjoined dining table chair and split dining table and chair.

2, according to the number of meals designed by each table can generally be divided into two tables, tables and chairs, four tables and chairs, six tables and chairs, eight dining tables and chairs, ten tables and chairs.

Table chair preferred solid wood table chair, solid wood table chair development trend

3, according to the different material for dining chair: steel chair (generally divided into glass steel, stainless steel two), wooden tables and chairs (usually have a solid wood dining tables and chairs, dining tables and chairs, tracks) marble table and chair, plastic chair.

4, according to the design of the chair can be divided into: folding, can not be folded; stool with backrest, etc..

The trend of solid wood table and chair:

Solid wood table chairs and steel wood table chairs occupy more than 80% of the furniture market. The export of table and chair is mainly based on European fashionable style, and all solid wood table and chair are more popular and easier to export. The tables and chairs of fast food restaurants are very popular with consumers at home and abroad. The diverse design of solid wood table and chair style will be a good direction of development, but also the trend of the majority of owners purchase.