Features And Advantages Of Box-type Folding Table Stool
- Jul 25, 2017 -

Box-type foldable folding table stool use: The folding of the two table desktop, the table leg down, the table legs of the two of the positioning plate automatic pin fixed; folding the same convenient, the use of the table stool automatic bolt upward slide, and then two pieces of table stool slightly force close, by automatic lock will be two pieces of table stool automatic lock.

More humane design is: if you need to use the table stool handle, in the table stool before the handle to turn out after the table or stool face, stackable folding table stool Advantages of obvious, easy to carry, while the design has automatic lock or handle, safe and reliable, the overall design strictly, according to ergonomic requirements, follow the art theory, sitting comfortably, with convenient, looking elegant.