Foldable Table Purchase Tips
- Dec 07, 2017 -

1. Choose the right size

Choosing a foldable dining table First of all to consider the appropriate size, we must first measure the reserved space for dining area, to determine the maximum size of how many, choose the right size is very important.

2. Choose the right look

In general, small-scale decoration will not be divided into a separate space for the meal area, and often combined with the kitchen, living room and other places, and then the appearance of the table is an integral part of the overall decoration, Therefore, the appearance of the table should try to be consistent with the overall style of decoration Caixing, such as the simple style of the decoration you can choose simple lines, lines clear plate folding table, we try not to choose a thick folding table, but lightweight modeling Mainly.

3. Select the appropriate table

Folding table is also divided into many shapes of the table, the common round, square, oval, in addition to some more creative irregular shape. In general, small-sized apartment decoration choice square desktop more, the case of three or two at home enough to use, but if the family is more or choose the round is better.

4. Choose the right material

Folding table has a lot of material, common wood, glass, PVC, stone, etc., in general, wooden folding table is more popular, not only looks thin and light natural, but also more healthy and environmentally friendly, in line with the theme of healthy living.

5. Choose the right shape

Folding dining table molding process affects the comfort of people, even then beautiful folding table, if its styling is not ergonomic, it can also bring poor experience, uncomfortable, in general, the most Appropriate desktop height from the ground for the 70 ~ 75cm, desktop and chair surface distance 26 ~ 31cm, desktop width greater than 75cm. To this everyone in the purchase of folding tables must try to sit and look at the activity to see if it is comfortable.

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