How To Choose Children's Tables And Chairs
- Dec 05, 2017 -


Choose children's desk, to choose with the child's figure matching desk, good selection of growing desk, according to the child's physical development, changing the height of the desk. However, most of the growing desks are independent desks, and less functional, less space children's rooms are not advocated selection.

In line with sitting position

Important point of purchase, desk design must fit ergonomics, easy to nurture children to maintain outstanding sitting and eye exercises, is conducive to the growth and development of children. Children's desk to fit ergonomic principles, the size of the desk and chair with the child's height, age should avoid the combination of body characteristics, so that the development of children must have the assistance. In general, the specification of the desk: length - 1.1-1.2 meters, height 0.76 meters wide - 0.55-0.6 meters. Chair Specification: High - 0.4-0.44 meters. Stationary desk: depth of 0.45-0.7m (0.6m is better), the height of 0.75m. Active desk: depth 0.65-0.8m, height 0.75-0.78m.


Selection of children's desks, kids room must be co-design personality, color, think about the scale, to prevent the buy back can not be used. Canon other to buy your desk with your treasure, because you may not understand the children's international, but do not know their favorite. In most cases, the boy eccentric blue, eccentric pink girl, there are still many colors to choose from, such as simple and clean Ivory, reconcile the natural olive green and so on.


The material used to make the desk must be non-toxic and harmless. The children's desk and other furniture are the same. Its information is varied and rich. There are wood, artificial board and plastic. Data can be said to have their own characteristics, but we must ensure the safety and health of the data under the premise of the use must be non-toxic and odorless, because here is where children often touch, the child's health above all else.


Children are mostly "adventurers", for them to buy furniture, safety is the first thing to think about. Desk and chair lines should be slippery circulation, circular or curved edge of the good, but also have a smooth switch and delicate appearance. With acute angles and hard surfaces, rough desk and chair should be far away from children. In addition, when Canon is choosing to force Akira few times, can not be structured loose, feel the rickety furniture.