How To Choose Children Table
- Nov 18, 2017 -

How to choose children table

When your children are above 1 year old and start to walk, you need to consider to get one suitable table 
for them. Before you make decision to buy one table for them, following points you may keep in mind before
taking ones to home., safety and safety 
paint mus be non-toxic, table should be sturdy, no sharp edge or corner for incidental injury, not too high for
climbing up... 

2. attractive enough for child's eyes 
colorful and famous cartoon will be good choice. for more than 12 years old child, solid wood or simple color 
study table would be good choice. but if you have a good budget, you may consider natural solid pine wood 
study table, it can last for so many years and do not waste your money. 

3. easy to clean and somehow a little durable would be better 
table should be waterpoof and high temperature endurable. Maybe your child need to drink water/milk on their
favorite table,so it should be easy to clean. 

4. purchase according to child age, 1-4 years old do not suitable to buy high study table, it will increase the injury 
risk due totheir natural climbing characteristics. 

5. You'd do some homework to find out which is best for you. for example, you can visit some online children
furniture website such as or google directly to choose suitable one. most important you 

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