How To Choose Outdoor Tables
- Nov 08, 2017 -

 Patio furniture provides a place for consumers to enjoy the outdoors, as well as entertain guests during agreeable weather. Patio furniture comes in sets, as well individual pieces such as outdoor tables and chairs. This gives consumers the option of making a simple choice of one set, or mixing and matching various outdoor patio furniture options. There are several things a consumer should consider in order to determine what style and construction 23.jpgmaterial is right for their needs.

Outdoor Table Considerations

Consumers can limit their outdoor table selection from the start by taking into account a couple of key factors. Each factor plays a role in what style and material of outdoor table a consumer chooses for their particular patio or backyard.


Climate plays a role in how quickly patio furniture becomes weathered. Consumers should consider how much precipitation, sun, and wind the outdoor table experiences. Further, consumers should also consider whether the outdoor table will be out all year or whether a consumer plans to store it away during more volatile weather periods.


Consumers should think about how formal they intend their backyard or patio setting to be. For more formal functions, a large table that comes as part of an outdoor patio set provides space for multiple people to enjoy a sit-down dinner and drinks. On the other hand, a picnic table or an outdoor bar might be better suited for a casual or party setting.


Consumers should also consider how the outdoor table plays into the theme of the other patio furniture, as well as the home's interior. Outdoor tables encompass various themes such as contemporary or modern, rustic, Tuscan, or Victorian, to name a few. In considering the theme, consumers should also think about whether they want the outdoor table to provide a neutral color pallet or act as a bright and bold accent piece.


Different Styles of Outdoor Tables

Outdoor tables come in several different styles based on size and function. Tea and bistro outdoor tables are typically small and round, seating one to two people. Square tables provide room for up to four people, while oval outdoor tables provide space for up to six people. Consumers who need space for up to 12 people should consider a rectangle outdoor table. Finally, outdoor tables are also available in specialty shapes like picnic tables, which seat between six and eight people, and bars.


Outdoor Table Construction Material

Manufacturers create outdoor tables from a variety of construction materials. Consumers should pay particular attention to weight, durability, and versatility when choosing a particular construction material for their outdoor table.


Outdoor tables made of various metals are a consumer's most sturdy option. Iron outdoor tables are the heaviest, followed by steel, and then aluminum, making metal outdoor tables ideal for consumers who experience heavy winds. Both steel and iron are rust-resistant due to a special manufacturer coating, while aluminum completely resists corrosion even after exposure to precipitation. Wrought iron tables are often available in Tuscan or Victorian themes.


Wooden outdoor tables provide consumers with a neutral look that can easily by painted or dyed a particular color or stain. Since mold, mildew, and rot are concerns when choosing wooden outdoor tables, consumers should choose tables made from cedar, jarrah, Brazilian cherry, or teak, which provide the most resistance to such problems.

Plastic and PVC

Plastic and poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) is the most lightweight and affordable of the available outdoor tables. Plastic and PVC outdoor tables resist mold and remain generally unaffected by precipitation even over long periods of exposure. That being said, sun exposure may cause the color of plastic outdoor tables to fade over time. Plastic and PVC furniture is also easy to clean.


How to Buy Outdoor Tables on DN

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