How To Develop Children`intelligence Toy Blocks And Math Skills
- Dec 05, 2017 -

Toy blocks and math skills

Block plays have been linked with math skills, In one study, the complexity of a child's LEGO play at the age of 4 had long-term predictive power: More complex play during the preschool years was correlated with higher mathematics achievement in high school, even after controlling for a child's IQ (Wolfgang et al 2001; 2003).

Other research has revealed links between a preschooler's ability to recreate specific structures and his or her current mathematical skills (Verdine et al 2013). Investigators report similar results for tweens and adolescents (Oostermejier et al 2014; Richardson et al 2014). A study in the Netherlands found that 6th grade students who spent more free time in construction play performed better on a test of mathematics word problems (Oostermejier et al 2014).