How To Prepare A Good Picnic?
- Sep 24, 2017 -

In order to create a perfect picnic experience, of course, ultimately do all aspects of preparation:

First of all, be sure to find a picnic place, looking for a good half of the successful friends. You are willing to sit on the side of the road side of the green belt to absorb the exhaust side to accept the attention of the ritual picnic it, or willing to lie in the mountains to listen to the sound of water gurgling water? Imagine the scene of the former, I hit a heavy sad chills. The forest, the grass, the seaside is an excellent place to find the sun there is a tree with trees and trees are still few places immediately, even if you are too reluctant to move, lower requirements, the surrounding park is also good select. In addition, if people allow, there is a large lawn of the campus is also a good place Oh. Like this there is a place where the grass has a castle is really not great!

Equipment and articles, the equipment must be complete, last weekend I and friends Le Diandi to the botanical garden picnic, forgot to take the umbrella did not prepare the tent, forced to be extended to the neck of the envy of others looking at others in the tent cool But they did the sun dry the point, and finally did not hold back, secretly lying on the tree under the hammock of others was caught a current (cry). But more depressing is that forget the opener. Although would like to try a violent open bottle way, or because of the gall bladder and give up, only to the bottle dry stare. So decisive or need to list a list of equipment, so I went to trouble colleagues carefully asked their picnic items, wrote a collection of goods pick up the picky people (bi) Hui (ge) list:

Such as picnic baskets, picnic mats, cutlery and other things can play tricks can try to choose fine exquisite, whether it is the wind or simple wind, through the details of these small friends. The picnic basket is a tool to create a perfect retro picnic atmosphere, and it is also very convenient and practical. Retro bike of course can also have. Picnic mat is best waterproof, but in order to have a natural feeling of relaxation, you can choose cotton picnic mat, and then add a waterproof under the disposable plastic tablecloth:

Eating and drinking picnic and barbecue is different, we love to bring a wider range of food varieties, but relatively light, most of the cold, such as salads, sandwiches, sushi, cheese, fruit and the like, if you are no meat Of the main child, with some good slices of Spanish ham or dry cut sausage is enough for you to meet friends. When the wind is light, the more natural the more people relax. Make an egg cheese salad is a good idea, delicious and seductive. Love small Western friends can choose law sticks, cheese and dried sausage:

Fruit and prepared in advance of the small biscuits, sandwiches is a simple choice, this time to drink hot drinks I am afraid only by the insulation cup or thermos. The key moment to take out the cup of hot tea, with the partners must be your carefully watched:

As a wine professional, how can not recommend several suitable for picnic wine it Really the most promising picnic, but will bring the wine glass. It should be noted that some wines are not particularly suitable for picnic food and atmosphere, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Xila these thick and thick wine, will suppress the flavor of the food itself is too solemn and serious, not easy to relax The In fact, the most suitable for picnic wine is light wine, or slightly with some sweet, sparkling wine, of course, is a good choice. Give a few chestnuts: Riesling Riesling: it may be the most expensive white wine, its high acidity can be appetizers, choose a dry or semi-dry type are good. Sauvignon Blanc: This is a classic picnic wine, fresh and fresh, goat cheese and it is very fit. Pinot Noir: Pinot Noir, it is a great meal, light, such as Pinot Noir, absolutely with your food in harmony. Camry Gamay: This is a natural favorite picnic wine, need to be a grand recommendation, Gamay this species is mainly in the French Loire Valley (Loire) and Beaujolais (Beaujolais) producing areas. In addition to brewing Beaujolais Nouveau, which is familiar to all, it is often favored by the believers of the natural wine, choosing a brewery such as the village of Morgon, or the wine of the Loire Valley, Fine and elegant tannins and active red fruit acidity will make you very pleasantly surprised, the spirit of a vibrant. As a red wine, Gamay with fish sushi and sashimi are also completely stressless. Rosé: It is the first choice for many people picnic, it combines the characteristics of white wine and red wine, high acid, cherry, strawberry flavor, drink before the first iced, and a lot of food can be used. More points is that the pink cheap and nice ah Produced in Provence pink should be the most vulnerable to picnic lovers choose it. Muscian sweet potatoes cartato: If you taste sweet, want me to say, do not hesitate to take a cartato d'Asti directly, it's a variety of tropical fruits, citrus, flower fragrance, and lovely bubbles, just like the summer Installed in the same cup, how reluctant to refuse. Sparkling: sparkling wine has always had the advantage: to increase the atmosphere of celebration, but here obviously there is an advantage: do not have a bottle opener it! But remember to look ahead of ice, or placed in the insulation ice bag. You can choose usually cheaper Cava or Prosecco, champagne course no problem.

Of course, there are some wine is also very suitable, such as gray Pinot, but the barrel of Chardonnay, etc., can be used as a picnic wine, here is not listed one by one. If the belt is a white wine or pink wine, then the ice bag is essential to the first line, not to mention, food also need to insurance in low temperature Oh Remind you, do not forget to take the opener, believe me, if you bring the wine but forgot to bring the opener, then you will want to kill their own ... .. ah, if you love dessert, do not forget to go Familiar with the shop a package, coupled with some drinks can also be used for outdoor afternoon tea.

In fact, the perfect picnic is nothing more than a great place, a group of lovely people accompanied by comfortable picnic mats, delicious food and drinks, if there are only cute puppies better, the British queen picnic Which are accompanied by the dog, this Picnic really addictive.

Spring and summer is summer and winter is getting shorter and shorter, and then soon after the rhythm of the summer, the recent spring is the gentle temperature is also appropriate, fast called a small partner, like a queen as a picnic go out. The world is so big, do not want to see it?

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