How To Use The Folding Tables And Chairs To Squeeze The Mini-restaurant
- Sep 27, 2017 -

If rented the house space is not big, want to arrange the function and too much, then you can not wronged the "eat" ah! To see how in a variety of corners out of the pleasant eating area.

Get Skills: Use folding tables and chairs,

According to their own situation to do the actual layout:

1. local small folding table. Wall-mounted, mobile can be, to see which is more convenient for your home.

2. like to call friends at home with a good folding chair. Whether it is their own sitting or to the guests to sit, do not affect the usual practical space.

3. do not need every meal at home to eat folding tables and chairs and use. Where would you like to fold?

Space with small folding table

Applicable to the crowd: no special restaurant area or a small class of students.

Whether it is the kitchen, the windowsill side or where the space squeeze are some, do not eat when we can withdraw Well.

1 ▲ a person in the window take a small table, eat breakfast

2 ▲ table squeeze in the kitchen, while doing side to eat

3 ▲ card seat restaurant, many people put the table open

4 ▲ Move the side cabinet to turn the bracket

5 ▲ small folding table attached to the wall

The entire space of the green is everywhere embellishment, cost a lot of thought.

6 ▲ not at home to eat the day, the table together, is a small side cabinet

7 ▲ in the small table to eat snacks, chat, reading, farewell lonely cooking

8 ▲ folding window table!

9 ▲ side table seconds change the mirror or Guahua

10 ▲ can also achieve the feeling of large tables

                                         With folding chairs, not afraid of no one to do

Applicable people: home often "plus double chopsticks" classmates.

Plus double chopsticks have parents stool Caixing, folding chair this time to help busy, sitting comfortably than the bench, usually can not stand up to the children, the wall can also be decorated, can not hole in the wall After the door or balcony is also no problem.

11 ▲ when not on the wall side by side hanging

12 ▲ stool out

13 ▲ the most common folding chair, easy to use

14 ▲ Hide the folding chair under the window

Folding tables and chairs and use

Applicable people: not often at home to eat, but can not eat at home students.

Tables and chairs are used to fold, do not eat when they are mixed up slightly ~

15 ▲ folding table temporary plus a class, eat a meal, folding chair usually hanging on the wall

16 ▲ after the table closed, you can also when the door

17 ▲ balcony with small folding tables and chairs just

18 ▲ beautiful scenery under the window

19 ▲ folding table allows you to develop the habit of cleaning up the desktop