Size Of Folding Dining Table For Household
- Oct 19, 2017 -

Household folding table size is generally try to do is to follow the minimum, as far as possible the most practical principles, so make the household folding table will be favored by the vast number of consumers, but now the large-sized apartment room may put a big table will be very crowded, but if the guest has come place and not enough, this time for folding the table is very practical, user-friendly design to meet your needs, covers an area of small, powerful, very good, so, what is the folding table size can be home, today we take a look at the household folding table size is introduced.DN-BM-02.png

Family folding dining table modern style

To see the first household folding table is introduced, this table is a modern style, black and white collocation, two eternal main color, make this a variety fashion boutique, choose to Jane, is the eternal choice, the table surface of the toughened glass panel, high strength, good gloss, safe and durable. Has good stability, stainless steel frame zinc color, smooth surface, several texture, never rust, paint smooth, comfortable, good gloss, surface brightness, show fashion temperament, this table uses multi functional flexible design, can be short or long, very practical, for your consideration of space the extreme, the household size of 98*90*75cm folding table.


Family folding dining table - Chinese style

Continue to look at the second household folding table. This table is a Chinese style dining table can be composed of 1 meters 1.3 meters long turn round table, dining table can accommodate 10, selection of rubber wood processing quality crafted, solid texture, long service life, natural wood, safety and environmental protection, the table surface texture staggered distribution, shades of white, natural beauty, no special smell, no chemical processing, natural and environmental protection, the table of wood production, so it has very good texture, beautiful texture, uniform texture, not easy to crack, deformation of metal hidden in the bottom of the table, according to the principle of Engineering design, selection of high-quality materials, all this can be easily deformed, household folding table size is 130*100*75cm.


Family folding dining table modern style

Continue to look at the third household folding table. This table is a modern style, size, Space folding table change to change the size of the dining way flexibly, heart play, when the family dinner for the number 5 to 6, using two-way expansion mode, dinner is not crowded, convenient conveniently available, while the couple enjoy two warm meals, by the way of unilateral, elaborate Xinyu, leisure afternoon, drinking tea, enjoy the sunshine bloom under the warm time table, elegant turn, unilateral expansion into the computer table, you don't have to worry about the space problem in every corner of the house are likely to become an independent space for computer desk, the folding table household size is 140*80*75cm.


Family folding dining table - modern minimalist style

Finally, a household folding table is a modern minimalist style, a farewell with stiff, to subvert the people's awareness of traditional furniture, exquisite and practical, spacious and comfortable, small body hidden in large clever, life will be more relaxed, this table has practicability and beauty, find everything fresh and new the movable pulley design innovation, restaurant, heart, you can get, is not every day happy good mood, elegant color, simple design, can bring a relaxed mood, the environmental quality of the material, into the artificial learning principle design, consistent from beginning to end for you to create a comfortable, happy sitting enjoy the experience, in addition to the function of folding table and a pulley design, flexible, moving direction can be changed with the folding table, household size is 135*80*72cm.