Ways To Use A Folding Table In Multi-function
- Jan 30, 2018 -

Ten ways to use a Folding Table

Folding Table In most modern day homes space is at an absolute premium. That means that anything which can offer great utility without taking up too much room is a true godsend. A folding table fits that particular bill perfectly, and the followings are ten innovative ways in which such a table could be used to make your life easier and better.

1. Re-Introduce Family Meals

Households which are limited in space often tend to do without a dining table as they simply take up too much room. A folding table, however, can be stowed away when not in use and then quickly set up when required. That means that the rewarding practice of a family meal, where all members of the family sit down together, can now be reintroduced into any household.

2. Play Board or Card Games

Ideal for Christmas or any other special occasion, a folding table can also be utilised as a surface for playing a favourite board or card game. Big family occasions, after all, would just not be the same without that traditional stand up row over Monopoly. If that sounds a bit too stressful, however, why not get your mates round and sit at your folding table for a few hands of poker?

3. Hold a Car Boot Sale

Able to aid space saving in your home in more ways than one, a folding table also makes it really simple to hold a car boot sale and get rid of some of that clutter. Easy to slide into your car when folded up, the table can then be quickly set up at the boot sale venue and lets you attractively display your wares to potential buyers.

4. Create a Home Office

Lots of people like to work from home but often don’t have an appropriate workspace to be efficient. A folding table, however, can be produced from its storage space each day and quickly put up to provide loads of desk space for a laptop, paperwork and anything else which may be required.

5. Provide a Space for Gifts

A great finishing touch to make any child’s birthday party that little bit more special, a folding table makes for a perfect gift table. Allowing any and all guests to pop their treats for the birthday boy or girl in one place, when full the table will also serve the double purpose of making any room look that bit more festive.

6. Add Some Home Comforts to a Camping Trip

Being one with nature is all well and good, but the very best camping trips are those which combine the great outdoors with a few select home comforts. A folding table, for instance, can be easily taken along and allows the campers to eat their meals in comfort rather than having to balance dishes on their laps or sit on the floor.

7. Play Your Part in a Street Party

Whether it be a royal wedding or another similarly special national occasion, the biggest celebrations tend to generate the quintessentially British phenomenon that is the street party. Having a folding table on hand, therefore, lets you really get into the spirt and help set up the facilities.

8. Open Your Own Bar (Sort Of)

If you’re holding a party at home and want to really impress your guests, it is a great idea to provide some booze for them when they arrive. A fun and attractive way to do so is to set up your very own bar by placing your available tipples on a folding table close to where your friends and loved ones will arrive.

9. Better Equip your Barbeque

When your friends and family pop round for a summer barbeque, a folding table can be invaluable when set up in the garden. Barbeque essentials like burger buns, salads and sauces, for instance, can be placed in quick and easy reach of the grill itself and saves you or your guests from having to continually head into the house and back out again.

10. Manufacture a Makeshift Ironing Board

If you’re really strapped for space at home and don’t want to find room for both a table and an ironing board, a folding table can be pressed into service as both. Simply popping something heat resistant on top of the table, after all, means that you can iron away to your heart’s content. OK OK maybe this one is stretching it a little, but we are sure you get the idea by now!