What Types Of Children's Desks And Chairs Are Classified By Material?
- Jul 25, 2017 -

1. Solid wood tables and chairs

Tables and chairs of all timber are solid wood, including the desktop, side panels are made of pure solid wood, do not use any other form of wood-based panels, pure solid wood tables and chairs on the process and material requirements are very high, solid wood material selection, drying, finger joints, spelling and other requirements are very strict.

2. Fireproof Panel tables and chairs

Fireproof board also known as refractory plate, the scientific name for thermosetting resin impregnated paper high pressure laminated board, the English abbreviation for HPL is the surface decoration with refractory building materials, rich in surface color, grain and special physical properties, widely used in interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets, laboratory countertops, external walls and other fields.

3. Plastic Furniture

Plastic steel tables and chairs in the water immersion does not deteriorate, not deformed, conducive to regular cleaning, to ensure that students use the desks and chairs clean and tidy, cleaning the classroom floor is not easy to damp.

4. Plastic Tables and chairs

Plastic stools are very lightweight, whether in the removal or transport is very convenient, and this kind of stool can be stacked together, occupies a very small, this is mainly its storage advantages.