Elegant Design Non Folding Rattan Chair

Elegant Design Non Folding Rattan Chair

Our company presents you with this new design rattan chair made from 2mm diameter rattan. The entire piece is meticulously crafted, durable and can sit comfortably. The selected rattan is strong and durable, maintenance-free, long-term use of weatherproof, and will not disappear over time, so it is very suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Watching TV, having a drink or lying on it comfortably feels great! This stylish chair is also your best porch.We are an experienced outdoor furniture manufacturer. Our products include a variety of outdoor folding tables, dining tables, garden chairs and other furniture collections. We not only sell outdoor furniture, but also let you enjoy your comfort outdoors and feel natural in a pure space.

Product Details

Benefits Features:

1.Imported Raw Materials


3.Indoor and Outdoor

Product brand

Dongnan Furniture

Model NO.:




Chair Size





 4 PCS

 Carton Size





 White, Brown



 Produce Lead Time

 30-45 days



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